Two Theses of ASU Teachers Won Prizes on the 2015 Annual Session of Guizhou Association of Foreign Language
2015-09-28 17:55   Publicity Department 审核人:

Award Ceremony

On September 26th, the 2015Annual Session of Guizhou Association of Foreign Language was held at Guizhou Normal University. More than 300 representatives from about 40 universities and colleges attended the session, including the prestigious experts from the National Ministry of Education like Professor Li Xiaoxiang and Professor Feng Guangwu. All the articles were divided into 3 types—practical teaching, linguistics, and literature, from which the session selected respectively 5 first-prize and 10 second-prize works. Entitled “Decontextualized English Learning: A Case Study of Learning at the English Resources Center”, a thesis written by Chai Neng, a teacher from the Foreign Languages School of ASU, won a first prize of the practical teaching articles. And another one of linguistics collaborated by Bai Yanping and Huang Xingguo won a second prize.(translated by Yang Aoshuang, International Office)

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