About The Department Of Adult Education ASU
2012-09-14 14:26  

The main task of The Department of Adult Education ASU is serving the primary and secondary school teachersfor their compensatory degrees, and cultivating more suitable talents for the social and economic development of the city. The Department, approved by the provincial Department of Personnel, is now the training and testing centre for the computer application ability of the civil servants and professional technical personnel of Anshun city.

At present, it has both junior college (2-3 years) and undergraduate education, offering respectively the undergraduates 9 disciplines such as Chinese, English, Ideological and Political Education, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Special Education, Computer Science and Technology, and the college students 10 disciplines such as Chinese, Political and Historical Education, Primary Education (arts, science), Computer Application, Mathematics, English, Physical Education, Fine Art, History and Culture Tourism, Electronics and Information Technology. And at the same time, the Department takes the task of English and Mandarin training and testing for the managers and administrators, and also offers distance education for the primary and secondary schools.

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