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Anshun University is a comprehensive university ratified by the National Ministry of Education, and run by the state. It offers regular, full-time undergraduate education with more than 70 years of school history. It is located about 40 km to the east of world-famous Huangguoshu Waterfall, in the city of Anshun, which holds China’s highest rate as an A-level tourism open city, of west Guizhou province in China. Of interest to tourists are its karst landscape area, its location on one of the six gold travel routes, a national high-tech industry base of civil aviation industry and other important historical and cultural sites.

Anshun University has 3 campuses, covering a total area of 527000 ㎡, including an inland lake----Louhu lake covering an area of 466900 ㎡. A new campus of 667000 ㎡is in the planning and construction phases.

The university has 13 Schools(Chinese School, Foreign Languages School, School of Politics, History and Law, School of mathematics and computer science, School of physics and electronic science, School of Chemistry , Biochemistry and Agriculture, School of Resource Management and the Environmental Science, School of School of Physical Education, Arts School, School of Education Management, Tourist School, School of Special Education and School of Commerce), 4 departments of teaching and research(Marxism Teaching and Research Department, Department of College English Teaching, Department of Physical Education and Department of Continuing Education), 3 teaching and research support institutions(Computer and Network Management Centre, Libraries, Journal Editorial Department ) and 2 provincial social science research institutions(Tunpu Culture Research Center of Guizhou Province, Research Society of Tunpu of Guizhou Province), and there is a provincial national vocational skill identification institute( The National Vocational Skill Identification Institute of Anshun University), a provincial ethnic minority traditional sports training base(Ethnic Minority Traditional Sports Training Base of Guizhou Province), a provincial special education training center (Special Education Teacher Training Center of Guizhou Province). Besides, there is a first batch of characteristics at the provincial level key discipline(Special Education), a provincial level key support discipline (Inorganic Chemistry), a provincial teaching team(Ideological and Political Education Team). There are 3 university research centers (Anshun Experimental Area Development Research Center, Folk Arts and Crafts Research Institute, Mental Health Counseling Center) and an affiliated high school. The university includes more than 50 practice and training bases.

Anshun university offers undergraduate education of 38 specialties (directions) covering 8 disciplines, i.e. literature, law, pedagogy, history, science, engineering, agriculture and management science. At present, the university has a total enrollment of more than 10,000 students at different levels coming from 28 provinces, cities and autonomous regions and a total of 632 faculty and staff, among whom are 124 professors and associate professors. 290 of its full-time teachers hold master's degrees or above. Five foreign teachers work in the university throughout the year, and there are 20visiting professors and adjunct professor. The university invites long-term domestic and famous foreign experts and scholars to lecture and teach, vigorously carries out the domestic and international academic exchange and cooperation, and has successfully sponsored and hosted various large academic seminars and academic exchanges. The University pays special attention to scientific research, using the Tunpu Culture Research Center and other research institutions as a foundation for additional research and study and forming a strong research team. The result has been the university continually qualifying for the National Social Science Fund, the National Science Foundation, Fund of the Ministry of Education of China and many other national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, As a result, the university has won various scientific awards, many of which appear in famous index systems that include SCI, EI, China Social Science Abstracts and other databases and core publications.

The university sticks to the leading role of discipline construction, strengthens inside administration, enhances its own unique features, improves education quality unceasingly, continually improvings its day-to -day operations and facilities, and fortifies the construction of its teaching staff.

We will be happy to work with you to develop scholars exchanges, student exchanges, collaborative research and training, and other friendly exchanges and cooperation in various forms. Welcome to our university and we look forward to your cooperation!


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